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Backsplash and Kitchen Design Ideas

Travertine Backsplash Ideas for your Kitchen

Travertine is a type of limestone usually formed in hot springs and limestone caves. Travertine has been used since the Ancient Greek and Rome civilizations. The Romans took advantage of Travertine for various constructions projects such as buildings, temples, and amphitheaters such as the Colosseum, the largest building in the world constructed mostly of travertine.

Travertine Kitchen Backsplash

Even today, Travertine stone is used all over the world for a huge variety of outdoor and indoor projects such as countertops, backsplashes, and other surfaces where tiles are preferred. Travertine is definitely one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture.

Travertine is available in a variety of colors from ivory, to beige, to reddish brown, and even gold. This is available in different finishes such as polished, brushed, or tumbled. A polished Travertine bear a resemblance to marble, while a brushed or tumbled Travertine is used to create classic and subtle style.

Travertine Tiles

Because Travertine is easy to cut and shape than other stones and comes in different colors, it has become a favorite for many home builders.

In entering one's kitchen, the backsplash can be the center of attention. It can help give the kitchen space a refreshed look. Thus, the choice of backsplash material and design should be carefully selected in order to come up with the best kitchen backsplash possible. Travertine backsplash is one of the most ideal options. Travertine tiles are generally known for their gorgeous look, it can give any kitchen an attractive appearance. Just like other natural stones, Travertine is extremely durable, especially as a backsplash. It also does not easily fade or discolor, expect it to last for decades if it is well-maintained. Also, Travertine tiles are more environmentally sound than porcelain tile since it is made from a natural material.

Travertine tiles can cost as little as $2 to $10 per square foot. The price depends on where the travertine is from, the thickness of the tile, and the quality of the stone. Travertine tiles can be easily found in tile stores and home improvement and constructions stores, such as Home Depot.

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